Bartlett Recreation began in 1978 as B.A.R.A (Bartlett Athletic and Recreation Association)  by community members for the purpose of creating organized sports for our youth.   B.A.R.A.  received its non-profit 501(c)(3) status in  1999.  It quickly grew.  In 2002 the Town of Bartlett agreed to hire a recreation director as full time town employee to manage the operations of B.A.R.A.  That same year the Josiah Bartlett Elementary School turned over the responsibilities of the elementary school sports programs to B.A.R.A.  and began making annual contributions equal to the athletic stipends that they had paid out to coaches in the past.  At this time B.A.R. A. assumed the name of Bartlett Recreation Department while still retaining its non-profit status.

Bartlett Recreation Department remains a Non-Profit entity which is separate from the Town of Bartlett and Josiah Bartlett Elementary School.  We operate nearly entirely on monies raised through fund raising, donations, and grant writing.


The Bartlett Recreation Department is committed to the following:

  1. To provide a variety of quality recreation and leisure programs for all age groups within the communities of Bartlett, Jackson and Hart’s Location.
  2.  To utilize the existing parks and recreation facilities within the Town of Bartlett to the best advantage establishing formal partnerships between the town, school and other providers of facilities.
  3.  To develop long range master plans for existing and future recreation facilities and programming.
  4.  Continually assess the recreational needs of the community.


Creating a community through people, parks and programs.